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Chicago Auto Show
Panorama Virtual Tour
by Tom Callahan and Rick Smith

BMW exhibit
Jeep booth
Dodge Viper and Engines
Toyota booth
Celica stand
Jaguar booth
Porsche booth

BMW's Z8 roadster is a 1950's classically influenced, modern design which sources advise that it was patterned off the highly acclaimed Z07 concept car . Our first impression is that it is a Z3 on steroids - and then some. The car is being heavily promoted with the new James Bond film "The World Is Not Enough" (playing in the background). Power for this light weight performer is derived from the potent and proven 400 HP V-8 M5 engine and achieves 60 mph in under five seconds, with terminal velocity around 160 mph.

Want to see these in higher resolution? Click here for the higher resolution versions (150K-200K each).

Jeep booth


Dated: February 14, 2000

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