The NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) Conference and Exhibition is now over. Over 450 companies were exhibiting and the show occupied nearly half a million square feet. The convergence between technology and traditional media continued as more high tech firms exhibited. Reviews OnLine was there. Read our ongoing coverage.

The 2001 International Housewares Show is now over. Reviews OnLine was there. It was one of the largest tradeshows in the world and filled over 875,000 square feet of McCormick North, McCormick South and Lakeside Center. More than 2,000 exhibitors showed electric kitchen products, home healthcare devices, lighting accessories and space organizers, along with cooking and baking products and accessories. Read our ongoing coverage about the products we found at the show.

CES 2001 in Las Vegas is now over. Reviews OnLine was there, along with more than 1,800 companies who displayed the latest in audio and video products, computer technology, home networking, mobile and personal electronics, Internet products and wireless communication products. Over 100,000 people attended CES 2001. Read our ongoing event coverage and about the products we found at the show.

Comdex 2000 - Las Vegas
Comdex 2000, the largest Information Technology trade show, is now over. Read our picture preview of this event and over 50 articles about hot products and related events, as we continue our ongoing coverage.
Comdex 2000 Coverage
Exclusive Product Events
Sunday: DigitalFocus
Monday: Lunch @ Piero's
Tuesday: ImageScape
Silicon Northwest
Wednesday: Internet Appliance 2000
Keynote Address:
Bill Gates
Products Finds:
Hot Products from the Convention Centers
Convergence 2000, the premiere automotive technology conference and tradeshow was held in Detroit's Cobo Hall during October 16th-18th. Reviews OnLine was there, covering this biennial event where Silicon Valley meets Gasoline Alley and key companies race to technologically dominate the "car of the future".

Read how the latest form of interactive adverstising - Rich Media Advertisements, may be a good way to rise above the din of other banner ads.

As part of Reviews Online’s ongoing coverage of technology in the political process, during this election year, Jim Bennett's photo essay describes the riot that broke out around him, outside the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.

We take a look at two ways to combine scanning with color copying and printing. Read our reviews of the Xerox XK35C printer/scanner and the Lexmark Z11 and UMax 1220P scanner.

PC Expo 2000 - New York
PC Expo was gadget heaven. Now that the show is over, you might want to sample some of our discoveries in our product wrap-up.
PC Expo 2000 Coverage
Exclusive Product Events
Monday: DigitalFocus
Tuesday: PCxPRESS
Wednesday: ShowStoppers
Standout Products:
Digital Cameras
Other Hot Products
printers, tiny PCs,
killer applications, and more...
Sony PDA peep show
Get a peek at Sony's much anticipated Palm OS PDA and the features we think could make it a category killer.

Although the Department of Justice has made their ruling about Microsoft, read Rick Smith's radical advice to Bill Gates last November. It's STILL a profitable countermove.

Comdex Spring is now over.
President Clinton spoke on Tuesday and Reviews OnLine was there. Read about some of the hot products we found.

Could MIT's new technology spell the end of UPC zebra stripes? Could checkout lines get shorter? Read the Tech Brief about this developement from Steve Jones.

PMA 2000 and DIMA 2000 is now over! Reviews OnLine was there, covering these important digital imaging events.

PMA/DIMA 2000 Coverage
Digital camera and Printer Shootout Results!
New Sony Products Announced
PMA 2000 Product Previews
DigitalFocus Event Updated!
Daily Show Diary

The Toshiba PDR-M5 proved to be an excellent digicam. Read our long-term review of this ergonomic model.

Digital Photo 2000 is now over. It offered an in-depth digital photography conference along with free demos and seminars. Reviews OnLine was there. See our Snapshots from the Show.

Xybernaut sponsored the 5th International Conference On Wearable Computing. Reviews OnLine was there. Read our inital review of this unique device and Rick's wearable GPS experiments.

Calluna's MoveIT 260 succeeds as a handy, compatible storage device.
Read the review.

Read our review of ActionTec's Camera Connect Pro which helps eliminate those digicam cable hassles

Lexmark raises the bar with the new Z52, a sub $200, photo quality, 2400x1200 dpi ink-jet printer!
Read our Product Preview.

NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) 2000 is now over. It offered a rich variety of new HDTV and digital technology. Reviews OnLine was there. See our show coverage.

Ads from dot com companies dominated the Super Bowl. If you missed one of these million dollar babies, read about them.

As the world becomes more and more wired, products in your home will also start being more interconnected. 16 days into the 21st century and Reviews OnLine has found several Internet appliances and other cool housewares befitting this new millenium at the 2000 Housewares Show in Chicago. Here is what we found..

Lightweight, portable scanner
Read our First Look at the Antec Attaché.

CES 2000 is over
The first CES of the millenium was in Las Vegas and Reviews OnLine covered this event. It ran from January 6th to January 9th. Read Jim's first article as he gives us some show insights.

Y2K Hardware Problems?
Read about an easy solution from Evergreen Technologies.

20th Fall Comdex is Over
The last Comdex of the century has ended but time marches on - and so does our ongoing coverage as we reflect on the trends and treasures of the show.

Comdex Fall 99 Coverage
Daily Show Updates
Taking IT on the Road
Pre-Show: Chicago to Las Vegas
Post--Show: Las Vegas to Chicago
Featured Coverage
Opening Days    Comdex Begins
DigitalFocus    MobileFocus
Lunch@Piero's    ShowStoppers
Lunch@Piero's    ImageScape
Silicon Northwest
Product Finds
Saturday & Sunday
Canon BJC-8200 Printer
Agfa ePhoto CL30 Clik!
Philips Rush! MP3 Player
Margi Display-to-Go
Matrox Millenium G400 DualHead
Wizcom QuickPen OCR text wand
LizardTech MrSID image squasher
Visio Professional 2000 diagrams code
Xybernaut® Mobile Assistant® MA IV™

Cool, colorful PDA
First look at VTech's new Helio with power in the palm of your hand.

New Web Features
First look at Adobe's latest version of Photoshop.

Siggraph 99 Los Angeles
is now over. Reviews OnLine covered this event at the LA Convention Center.

Siggraph 99 Coverage
Daily Show Calendar
Siggraph Daily Coverage
Sunday - The Story of Computer Graphics and
Art Gallery:technOasis

Monday - Pre-Show Coverage
Tuesday- Show Opening Product Coverage
Wednesday- Second Day of Product Coverage
Siggraph 99 Products

Internet World 99 Chicago
This e-business and Internet technology event is now over, see our ongoing coverage.

Internet World 99 Coverage
Products at the Show
Tuesday - Panja, Fortress Grand, Info Office, more...
Wednesday - Hitachi, Pentax, Worldweb.net, more...
Thursday - Panja, AllWorkStore.com, Maestro Commerce
Snapshots from the Show
Art? At a Trade Show?

Big Media, Small Footprint.
Iomega's brand new clik! drive boosts media options for portable computers. See our First Look.

PC Expo 99 - New York The show is over, but...
our coverage is just beginning as we continue to evaluate the standout products and trends of the Expo.

PC Expo New York Coverage
PC EXPO 99 Daily Show Calendar
Hot Product Events:
DigitalFocus '99
MobileFocus '99
PCxPress '99
Sony Product Preview
Products at the Show

The Nikon 900S at High Speed
See how Nikon's megapixel digital camera handled the inside track at the Indy 500 in our Nikon 900S review.

NeoCon 99 concluded this week. It was held at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago on June 12th to 14th. See our coverage.

DCI's AS/400 Strategies & Solutions
Conference & Exposition
was in Chicago on May 25th through 27th at Navy Pier. See the initial Reviews Online coverage.

On May 17th, 1999, Sony previewed many of their new products at the New York Carriage House (across from Sony Music Studios). Reviews OnLine flew to New York for the day to bring you coverage of these unique products which demonstrated Sony's continuing technical leadership.

Sony Preview Coverage
   AIBO (Robot Dog)
Portable Devices
   Voice Recorders
   Display Products
   Desktop Systems/Peripherals

E3 comes back to Los Angeles!
Read Jim Bennett's business perspective.

NAB 1999 is now over. It was held in Las Vegas during April 19th through 22nd, 1999. See our Business Perspective and People, Products and Digital Ideas articles.

Spring Comdex and Windows World is now over. It was held at McCormick Place in Chicago during April 19th through 22nd, 1999.

Spring Comdex 1999 Coverage
Microsoft announces top 10 ISVs!
Monday's Keynote Addresses
Vtech's New PDA on Display
Equal Access 99 Benefit
Palm-Sized, Hand-Held Devices Conference

Digital Frontier Conference
is now over. Reviews OnLine was there, along with over 600 other people. This event was held at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, part of Northwestern University. Read about
A Futurist's Forum, one of the panel discussions.
Read about last year's event.

1999 International Housewares Show
is over. It was held in Chicago from January 10-13, 1999.
Read our coverage of this colorful show.

Winter CES 99 is over
The 1999 International Consumer Electronics was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 7-10, 1999. Reviews OnLine has covered this exciting show.

Space Travel Lands in Chicago
Chicago's Adler Planetarium hosts the world-wide premiere of StarRiderTM, a real-time, interactive space simulator based on 3D Digital Theater technology from graphics pioneer Evans and Sutherland on January 8th, 1999. Reviews OnLine had a sneak preview of this one-of-a-kind immersive experience. To find out how you can travel to the stars, read our StarRider article.

Comdex Fall 1998 Wrap-Up

Reviews OnLine has returned from a week in the Silicon Desert to report to you some of the standout products and trends of Comdex.

Comdex Wrap-Up
Daily Show Coverage
Product Briefs
Snapshot Gallery

Computer Technology for Design and Manufacturing arrived at Chicago's McCormick Place Lakeside facility from October 27-29, 1998. Part of the International Manufacturing and Engineering Technology (IMET) Congress, this event displays the latest in CAD/CAM/CAE, Inter/Intranet, Rapid Prototyping, Simulation and more.

Knowledge Management Expo is over!
Knowledge Management Expo was held at Chicago's McCormick Place Lakeside facility from October 13-15, 1998. Concurrently, the Delphi Group's Empower '98 Conference was being held. This show and conference covered the entire spectrum of Knowledge Management - Document and Information Management, Workflow and Business Process Reengineering. See Show Snapshots.

Business & Technology Solutions Show is over!
This annual event was held at the Rosemont Convention Center on August 18-20, 1998. It featured more than 75 educational sessions and over 300 exhibits.
Reviews OnLine attended this show.

Summer Internet World 98 is over!
Reviews OnLine has attended this show and will be reporting on it soon.

Comdex Spring '98
is over!

Reviews OnLine has attended the show and we saw many great products and met some interesting people.

Design Engineering Show
is over.
It was the fifth trade show attended by Reviews OnLine this year.

Sales Force Automation Show
is over.
It was an interesting two days at McCormick Place in Chicago.

The Digital Frontier Conference is over. It was held at the J.L Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University located in Evanston, Illinois. The theme was "Entrepreneurship in Technology" and the conference focused on successful entrepreneurial ventures and the individuals who drive them.
It was a great one day event.
Reviews OnLine attended this event. See the stories.

Articles that have moved.

Articles that may be orphaned.

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New touchscreen digicam
Take notes and draw diagrams with Toshiba PDR-T30
Serious Magic & Media 9
Easy to use video tool supports Microsoft’s latest media solution
Hot web tool Mix
Macromedia combines Dreamweaver, Flash & others into one suite
New CD/DVD Software
Latest RecordNow provides powerful, yet simple burning tools
Skip free audio?
Panasonic combines mobile CD and MP3 into one unit
OS/2 still running?
Windows 2000 and OS/2 will soon run on the same computer at the same time
Small HDTV & DVD
Panasonic announces 11 inch desktop LCD set
Toshiba Budget Digicam
Latest 3 megapixel features Canon optics
Save your battery
National IC lowers energy usage, adds security
Ipswitch updates WS_FTP
New version supports multiple connections and SSL
trueSpace price drops
Caligari's Pro version outputs Shockwave3D
Cut CDs Faster, Safer
Iomega CD-RW is now 16X and BURN-Proof
Lexmark leads in color
New models sport higher resolutions at lower prices
Notebooks can run longer
Latest Intel mobile CPU uses less than half a watt of power
Linux inks in color
Lexmark announces Linux drivers for Z52 and Z32
Wearable Java Computer
Dallas Semiconductor announces digital credential keeper for keyring
Crusoe in Pictures
Sony announces the Transmeta Crusoe processor will power new Picturebook
Hi-Res digital redefined
Kodak announces sixteen megapixel medium format, digital camera back
Pen Tablet Picture Taker
Jot notes and snap pix with the Intermec 6651 handheld PC
Rock the (whole) house
Akoo.com spreads the MP3 wealth
Digicam/MP3 combo
FujiFilm FinePix 40i offers hi-res and hi-fidelity
New digital viewfinder
New Colorado Microdisplay module gives virtual "through the lens" viewing
Easier Backups
PowerQuest adds CD-R/W capability to latest Drive Image
New 10X zoom digicam
Olympus announces the new C-2100 Ultra ZOOM with image stabilization
$49 Programming Course
Metrowerks announces new Learning Edition
New era in photography
Olympus and Polaroid combine forces to create a digicam that prints
Peek at the Future: SVG
Jasc's Trajectory Pro lets you test-drive an emerging graphics standard
New E-Mail Handheld
VTech & SkyTel create new wireless information appliance
Display Optics Go Digital
Programmable lens magnifies prospects of microdisplays at Comdex
80-inch monitor for $350
It's no typo. I-O Display's new i-glasses offer a big screen view that's all in your head
Photoshop Web Ready
Adobe's new 5.5 version ships with Image Ready 2.0 and other new Web tools
Japanese Palm Cultivated
Bowne Global Systems and 3COM transplant Pilot PC to Pacific Isle
Modem Wizard Redesigned
Kissco ships new version with advanced optimization & troubleshooting features
Sign & send documents
CIC announces digitized signature support for Adobe Acrobat 4.0
Easy 360 Panoramas
QuickStitch bundled with Hakuba tripod & VR head
Lucent and Ascend Merge
20 Billion dollar stock deal nearly completed
Music Server in Your Dash
Replace your car stereo with the empeg MP3 player and jam to 35 hours of tunes
KPT Explodes Options
Latest Kai's Power Tools adds particle effects and cool filters to your paintbox
Drive PC from your TV
Ambi set top box turns your TV into a big screen workstation, wirelessly
Surf Faster with Kissco
Speed Surfer Utilites boost your on-line time while warding off hackers
300 MHz multimedia laptop
Micro Express introduces a 8.25 pound laptop with video editing capabilities
Power to the Pen in Word
Sign-it from CIC lets you put your John Hancock on Word 97 documents
Americans win at World Cup
Bowne Global brings World Cup Soccer events to non-French speaking fans
Intel cuts chip prices
Laptop sales likely to climb as a result of this aggressive move
Maximizer has e-commerce
New Maximizer 5.0 upgrade features small business Web support
Cross solves pen juggle
Two-in-one Cross pen helps save space in your pocket protector
TurboCAD v5 hears you!
Latest release of IMSI product accepts voice commands
Fast Laptop Announced
266 MHz laptop from Trogon Computer is a real dream machine
Special Price on RoboHelp
Blue Sky Software offers half-price Windows Help & HTML tools bundle
Add live charts to your apps
Create business charts from your Java apps with Perspective JavaChart
E-mail in your pocket
Software Labs' Pageability helps bridge the e-mail to pager gap
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